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Purnima Productions is an independent music label and distributor operating out of Port Townsend, Washington. Founded in 1989, it is operated by owner David Michael, a harpist and multi-instrumentalist as well as composer and producer.
Purnima Productions also offers skilled production assistance and engineering in both Port Townsend with David Michael, Randy Mead's studio in the Colville, WA area and any remote studio location where clients may transport these producers to.

Randy Mead is a trained engineer with over 20 years experience running commercial studios as well as a pioneer in midi and sound design work. Purnima Production's producers prefer an essentially acoustic sound but do not shy away from the tasteful addition of sophisticated electronic instrumentation to produce virtually any style imaginable. Please contact Purnima about licensing music for film use, or foreign or domestic distribution.

Their skill as arrangers coupled by their warm and friendly approach has helped many artists realize the completion of a first CD ... Studio recording can be an intimidating experience to musicians lacking experience stuck in a room with headphones. The producers are skilled at coaxing spirited performances from the artists as well as helping them arrange and mix their projects and get them mass-produced efficiently at the lowest costs possible.

Please contact us for entertainment, album production or concert promotions! These artists are also available for live perfomances, public and private, weddings, banquets, craft fairs, art gallery openings and Christmas parties, as well as studio session work.