Isle of Winds CD Cover

David Michael  Solo Celtic Harp

A 60 minute suite of solo Celtic harp enhanced by the natural sounds of the wind playing the harp strings.
During several summers of performing outdoors in the streets of Denmark and Norway as a busker, David and his listeners were often enthralled and amused when the wind would make his harp “sing.” Then one day when he was playing for an outdoor wedding in western Washington, something quite remarkable occurred: The harp was free-standing in a meadow during the ceremony. The minister had just uttered the words, “the breath of God,” when a gust of wind set the harp to singing. Everybody sighed and David’s hair stood on end. He made a decision that day to create this CD.

Responding to the random wind events with his hands, David engages here a true interplay with nature. From the Port Townsend ferry to the walking streets of Scandinavia, David has delighted many with his soaring, romantic harp music and has also received heavy airplay on ECHOES (a syndicated P.R.I. radio broadcast).

This contemplative solo performance is perfect for a candlelight dinner, a massage or calming down the kids. Enjoy the pristine sound of the Celtic harp.

"The ultimate massage music. It supports the deepest relaxation."

"Delightful. You are in for a treat."
Victory Review

Click Titles to Play Samples : Festival of the Orcas, Lydian Waltz, Isle of Winds, Rose, Stairs to the Castle, The Long Dance Home, Spring Day in a China Garden, A Lover's Passion, Starlight Voyage, Bela's Lullaby