Heartscape CD Cover


 Short Samples
Wings at Dawn
Star Fields

Randy Mead - Silver Flute, keyboards
David Michael - Celtic Harp

Produced by David Michael
Recorded, engineered by Neville Pearsall at Synergy Sound, Port Townsend WA and Randy Mead at Mead Media, Colville, WA
Mastered by Neville Pearsal at Synergy Sound
Cover art by Randy Mead
Photo by Hope Mead
Art Direction by David Michael
Graphic Design by Andrew Ratshin, NWdiscs.com

Soaring flute improvisations are enveloped by warm tones of Celtic harp in a celestial suite created for bodywork, meditation, yoga or peaceful contemplation. David Michael and Randy Mead created music together for over 39 years.  This offering, their final CD release as a duo, was entirely improvised using the incredible sonic environment of "the cistern", an empty 2 million gallon reservoir with a 45 second reverberation cycle. NPR called it "the greatest musical instrument in Washington State".
The result is the most spacious of any of the duo's recordings. Perfect for bodywork, meditation, yoga or peaceful contemplation. This recording is the fourth in a series of projects inspired by the vast acoustical space of the Cistern at Fort Worden.

David Michael and Randy Mead met in 1973 and began a musical relationship that spanned continents and years and a wide variety of creative explorations until Randy's untimely death in 2012.
Composers, arrangers, producers and international performers, they have recorded for various labels such as Nippon Phonogram (Japan), Fortuna and various European labels. They released eight previous CDs as a duo on David's own Purnimalabel which he operates in Port Townsend WA. David still performs widely on harp in the Western U.S. and Northern Europe. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the wild spirit is key to his musical inspiration.


"One of the most serenely peaceful albums I've heard in a while, Heartscape can take even the most jaded, stressed-out adrenaline junkie on a sublime journey into the pure heart of joy. Randy Mead, who performed for years with the world fusion band Ancient Future, plays his signature silver flute with light-filled grace. Every time I listen to Heartscape I can feel my heart rate slow as the stresses of the day melt like ice on a hot summer afternoon.

Combined with David Michaelís exceptional performance on Celtic harp, Heartscape caresses the most tender parts of my soul with quiet joy. Words alone cannot capture the exquisite essence of this profoundly healing music. Suffice to say that Heartscape will find its way onto the stereo so many of massage therapist and yoga practitioner. It's also outstanding at the end of a long day, a welcome respite from the apparent chaos that often seems only a headline away.

Mead plays keyboards in addition to his mellifluous flute, adding a sense of delicate wonder to the sweetly innocent improvisations that form the heart of Heartscape.

As if these exemplary musicians did not offer enough of a gift with their heart opening music, they recorded Heartscape in what NPR called "The greatest musical instrument in Washington State," an empty 2 million gallon cistern with a 45 second reverberation cycle. The magical result must be heard in order to be fully appreciated. To that end, I suggest listening to a sample of Drifting, Wings at Dawn or Star Fields so that you can hear for yourself what I'm raving about. For lovers of the silver flute and Celtic harp dancing together in a passionate embrace, Heartscape will fill your heart with the soul of wonder."

Steve Ryals www.drunkwithwonder.com