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David Michael
HEART OF THE HARP is a masterwork by a man who has played stringed instruments for over 55 years. In this emotion-laden recording, we hear David Michael in his element. He is at one with his forte, the Celtic harp, an instrument he has performed on internationally for over 25 years. In this recording, he serves up soothing melodies as deep reflections of nature and prayerful offerings for peace in a troubled world. The warm, gently rocking effect of the Celtic harp makes the music suitable, not only for thoughtful contemplation, but for massage, yoga and other healing arts whose practitioners have relied on David's music for years.

HEART OF THE HARP is David's most pristine sounding CD to date and a generous 63 minutes in length. Most of his other releases feature the harp, usually in consort with other musicians, notably flutist, Randy Mead, in world-fusion and other genres. On this CD, David invites sarodist Rick Henderson to play a duet with him on the epic final piece, METHOW REVERIE.

The sarode, a 25-string fretless lute from North India, is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. A long time disciple of the late, great sarode master Ali Akbar Khan, Rick is a prolific composer, performer and recording artist in his own right. He and David Michael have collaborated in the past. Most notably, Rick's sarode playing on Michael & Mead's FLIGHT OF THE MAGICIANS on their PETALS IN THE STREAM CD, helped propel that recording to international acclaim


"Inspirational and soothing ... a favorite with my massage clients."  - Patty Phillips (former president of the American Massage Therapy Association / Washington Chapter)

Fresh from a fun foray into vocal folk (The Crocodile & The Chihuahua), David Michael returns to familiar grounds with a new instrumental album displaying his genius on the Celtic harp. Heart of the Harp is specifically aimed at those seeking sounds to soothe; this is Michael's salute to spiritual leaders, therapists, yoga instructors and exercise leaders who have again and again turned to his music to create more enriched experiences. While much meditative music is designed to help the listener slow, relax, and release, Michael's, while soothing, has a lift and bounce to it. The listener is not only relaxed, but reassured and directed to the sunny side of the street. Heart of the Harp is, like Michael's recent harp recordings, mostly a solo effort. One track has some extra texture from sarodist Rick Henderson, and this unconventional blend works brilliantly. --Tom Peterson - Victory Review

Northwestern resident David Michael has been putting out recordings for a long time, often in partnership with Randy Mead. Here, on his thirteenth CD, he works alone on all but the concluding track, providing a shimmering dance of melodic tones from his Celtic harp....Michael is well-versed in many musical styles and his melodies and treatments bear a close listen. This is, frankly, music that satisfies at many levels. There are reminiscences of Celtic dances, of Middle Eastern melodies, of music box-like magic. The final track, which stretches to over fourteen and a half minutes, adds Rick Henderson on sarod (a 25-string fretless lute with inevitably, a Middle Eastern quality). The results of bringing these very different instruments together are truly gratifying, partly because of the inventive motif that enters and re-enters throughout the piece. Michael is a master of the harp and he brings a sprightly creative energy to the melodies he pulls from it. This is highly recommended.    Bill Fisher
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Sweet Surrender3:05click to launch media player and stream 32 kbps MP3 file. Shepherd's Folly4:52click to launch media player and stream 32 kbps MP3 file.  
Sands of Time5:02click to launch media player and stream 32 kbps MP3 file. Heart of the Harp6:20click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file.  
Time Traveler6:00click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file.   Prayer for Peace5:58click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file.
Awakening6:51click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Waltz of the Fairies3:04click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file.
Celtic Fantasy7:04 click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Methow Reverie14:35click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file.
* with Rick Henderson on sarode