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himalayan crossroad


With Marco Zonka on Percussion
Titles (Click title for sample):

  • Produced by David Michael
  • Conceived by Marco Zonka
  • Arranged by Deobrat Mishra, Marco Zonka and David Michael
  • Themes for "Walk of the Elephants" and "Veil Dancer" composed by Deobrat Mishra
  • Recorded by Neville Pearsall and Keeth Apgar
  • Engineered and mastered by Neville Pearsall at Synergy Sound, Port Townsend WA
  • Mixed by David Michael and Neville Pearsall
  • Artwork by Gary Eden
  • Art direction by David Michael
  • Technical support by Randy Mead, Felicity Gerwing and Keeth Apgar
  • to Neville Pearsall and Joe Breskin for developing the awesome custom sound chamber in which to place our music
  • to Felicity Gerwing and Dari Michael for all their inspiration and encouragement
  • and to Pandit Shivnath Mishra for bringing up Deobrat ("Debu") to be such an outstanding musician and human being.
  • Special thanks to Marco Zonka for envisioning this project and encouraging me for years to move forward with it and for conceptualizing many aspects of its development

Take a peaceful journey to distant lands with sitar master Deobrat Mishra from Benares, India and Celtic harpist David Michael. Punctuated by spacious rhythms on tabla (by Marco Zonka) and enveloped by relaxing waves of swaramandal (zither), this ensemble gracefully blends elements of East and West. Combining classical Indian forms with western lyricism and chord progressions, this collaboration represents a new musical horizon in the realm of World-Fusion music and is perfectly suited for yoga, bodywork or meditation.

Deobrat Mishra is a seventh generation musician in the Mishra family branch of the Benares musical lineage and was chosen in 1995 by All India Radio to receive the award "Best Young Sitarist" in India. As a child he studied tabla with his mother Pramila, granddaughter of the famed tabla master Baiju Mishra. He performed on All India Radio at the age of 11 and has studied continuously with his father, sitar maestro Pandit Shivnath Mishra.

Deobrat has toured Europe since 1994, leads music workshops and kirtans, is a solo performer for radio and television and is a "world music" innovator with many Indian, European, and North American artists. Deobrat received the "Jewels of Sound" award in Mumbai and a masters degree in music from the Prayag Sangit Samiti in Allahbad. As a father/son duo, the Mishra's have recorded numerous CDs of North Indian classical music.
Deobrat and his family recently opened the Academy of Classical Indian Music in Benares. The Academy is open to all children of any caste or family circumstance who wish to learn their rich Benares Gharana, or "ancestral tradition”.

In 2001, Deobrat met Celtic harpist David Michael, who regularly joins the Mishra ensemble playing tamboura and swaramandal (zither). In 2006, David added the Celtic harp to the equation and "Himalayan Crossroad" is a result of that collaboration.

Celtic harpist David Michael specializes in original, world-fusion music and improvisation. He grew up in Seattle and has been playing stringed instruments for over 50 years. A multi-instrumentalist and international performer, David is also proficient on guitar, viola-da-gamba, zither, psaltery, bouzouki and more. He was a founding member of the Seattle based world-fusion ensemble Wind in 1975, which received arts grants, performed widely in the Pacific Northwest and was featured on numerous radio and television programs. While actively composing and experimenting with free-form improvisations, he worked with dancers and artists in myriad interdisciplinary activities in a wide range of styles.
David spent most of the '80s in the San Francisco bay area, collaborating with ethnic music masters and honing his production skills.His first CD, was released in 1986 in Japan by Nippon Phonogram and he has recorded for many other domestic and foreign labels since then. He now has 23 CDs of his original music published on his own Purnima label and has been featured extensively on PRI's 'Echoes' program, NPR, cable and network television and videos internationally.
Percussionist Marco Zonka began studying tabla with Ustad Allah Rakha, with continued studies of Classical Indian music with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and with tabla maestros Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Swapan Chaudury. He continues study in Varanasi, India, with Chakar Lal and Kali Maharaj.

Marco plays and records in numerous finger-drumming styles, composes original voice & percussion music, and has created a music/dance & drumming educational approach known as "Tongues & Tala." In addition, he is proficient on tar, bendir, dhumbek and udu drums.

Marco has accompanied the Mishras on their North American tours, and has collaborated on numerous projects with David Michael.