"David and Christopher's masterful and tastefully exuberant music creates an infectious sense of joy and wellbeing which is a precious commodity in today's world ... an oasis of blissful sound whenever it is needed."

IN THE MOMENT is based on a series of free-form improvisations, occurring over a four day period in September, 2004, between David Michael and Christopher of the Wolves.

While visiting David's home, Christopher acquired a new instrument: a new kind of drum that he had first seen and played in England only two weeks before.The drum is made in Bern, Switzerland and known as a "hang" (a steel hand drum shaped like a flying saucer).

Hearing a hang played for the first time, David became enraptured by the sound. Discovering that the hang's pentatonic scale and clear tones interfaced beautifully with the Celtic harp, the two musicians began to jam. Inspired by the music, Christopher quickly phoned the airline to postpone his departure to Thailand for a few days. During those days, the duo excitedly recorded hours of their improvisations, also inviting the participation of guitarist Joe Breskin and flutist Randy Mead.

David then produced the CD by sifting through the many hours of recordings to extract and polish the gems which are presented here.

The Musicians:
David Michael - Celtic harp, zither
Christopher of the Wolves - hang (steel hand drum)
Joe Breskin - guitar
Randy Mead - alto flute

Arranged and produced by David Michael
Recorded by Neville Pearsall, Joe Breskin, Christopher of the Wolves & Randy Mead
Engineered and mastered by Neville Pearsall at Synergy Sound, Port Townsend WA
Mixing by David Michael & Neville Pearsall
Artwork by Gary Eden
Graphic design by Gary Eden at Eden Design Consulting, Guelph Ontario
Art direction by David Michael
Special thanks to Dari Michael for conceptual ideas and loving support.

Samples from the CD
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Deep Water click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Ebb and Flow
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Waves of Bliss click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Call of the Sirens
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Earth Elixer click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Trance Dance
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Zen Garden click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. High Tide
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Wind's Caress click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Shaman's Journey
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file. Inner Peace

This joyful, spontaneous music is designed to stimulate states of bliss and promote the movement of energy, the releasing of emotional and spiritual blocks and the integration of higher vibrational states into everyday life. It is perfect for energy work, massage, trance dancing, self healing work and creating sacred space. It is a multidimensional approach to the whole human system: The rich and coherent harmonic content of the pairing of the two principal instruments is stimulating and balancing to the glandular and the parasympathetic nervous systems. This documented effect has been observed in Benedictine and Tibetan Monks who chant and in many cultures where bells and gongs are commonly used to induce altered states of consciousness. Within the shimmering improvisations, there is a satisfying completeness to the harmonic movements, which promotes coherent, balanced brainwave activity, shown to affect learning, intellectual performance, inspiration, and leaps of cognition, well documented as the "Mozart Effect".

September 2005 Victory Review ...

One of the key exponents of what might be called "energy music" (yes, I made that up) - because it facilitates movement of energy flows, both in meditative and in exuberant ways - David Michael continues to produce an outpouring of valuable recordings. This reviewer, quite frankly, is overcome by smarmy, violent thoughts in the presence of much so-called New Age music. Not so with Michael's rhythmic improvised melodies on the Celtic harp. The recording at hand was developed from hours of excited and contemplative give-and-take between Michael and the remarkable Christopher of the Wolves, who was experimenting for the first time with the Swiss hang drum - which sounds like a cross between a Caribbean steel drum and meditative Tibetan bowls. Throughout, Christopher tends to pull both musicians into gentle repetitive riffs that flow like rivers of energy, with Michael moving melodically like delighted driftwood among the bounces and ripples of the river. The result, unlike much trance music, adds to rather than sapping your energy, creating a pleasing background of sound for any activity, and also satisfying the listener who gives his or her complete attention.

Long-time musical partner Randy Mead joins in occasionally on the alto flute, and Joe Breskin adds a touch of guitar. More than just another meditation CD to throw on when you give your favorite friend a massage, this one is a musical event, stretching masterful musicians in new directions, challenging them, and creating delight

Bill Fisher - Victory Review

Christopher of the Wolves discography, contact info:
2023 E SIMS WAY #252

Full-length Bonus Track
click to launch media player and stream lo-fi file.  Right-Click the green Hi Fi icon to download Hi Fi MP3 file.  Hi Fi will only stream for users with cable modems or better.   Sondra's Dance
Live Quartet at the UpStage featuring:
David Michael - Harp,
Christopher of the Wolves- Hang,
Buzz Rogowski - Kawai Grand Piano,
Joe Breskin - Electric Guitar