Four Seasons
Western Washington


Four Seasons of Western Washington ... An hour-long impressionistic sight and sound excursion, exploring both the grandeur and subtle beauty of Western Washington. Shot in High Definition Video, the magnificence of towering peaks and rugged shorelines is balanced by the delicate and intimate scenes of wildlife, lush forests, rivers and meadows.  The creation of the custom soundtrack is captured on camera as well, with occasional shots of the performance blended in with the scenery and natural sounds, demonstrating the deep connection between music and nature.

Brian spent two years filming this using the latest HD video gear, shooting from helicopters, on foot and via some unusual means. His camera trolley invention allows the camera to glide through the air in slow motion under remote control, right across canyons, through tree branches and over the tops of waterfalls. There's also a stunning sequence in one of the previews that was filmed from a jetski zooming up a flooded slough at sunrise on an icy cold winter morning over glassy water. 

I remember well the first real conversation I had with videographer Brian Noblet. He was listening to one of my impromptu Celtic harp concerts aboard a Washington State ferry and afterwards asked me where I got the inspiration for the compositions. I quickly replied that much of it came from the natural beauty of the region. I've spent much of my life wandering through the mountains and along the shorelines of Western Washington and many of my pieces have been born after these jaunts. Brian became instantly animated and told me that his creative work as a videographer centered around capturing the images of Western Washington and that my music made for the perfect accompaniment and was I up for a collaboration? "Absolutely! When do we start," I asked him?

Randy Mead, my primary music partner for about 35 years, with a recording studio in a cedar forest, was also a seeker of beauty. He and I had supplied custom music for dancers and videographers for decades. Working well with visual cues, we had always loved the challenge. When I told Randy that we had an opportunity to create a soundtrack for a film that not only artistically displayed regional, natural wonders, but would include shots of our performance as well, he instantly agreed.

There's a whole lot of music here which will be new to our fans. In addition to composing and recording original music, images of our hands playing harps, pianos, winds, hammer dulcimer, viola da gamba etc. are actually blended in with the scenery. Guitarist Joe Breskin played on several numbers. Getting to mix the soundtrack in 6 channel, Dolby surround sound was really fun!
Brian, Randy and I shared a vision: There is a deep connection between art and nature. When impressionistic music and film are blended with a passion for beauty, the results can be breathtaking and can allow others to experience the stunning source of that collective vision. Brian's determination to bring us these landscapes we so cherish, along with the natural sounds he collected along the way, and to allow Randy and me to interpret the material, musically weaving it into a story, truly has become our most valued interdisciplinary project to date. Our schooling and life experiences gave us the tools to take this on, but only our deep love for the magnificence which is Western Washington could see us through this accomplishment. - David Michael


“Delightful, restful and serene...An immersion into the beauty and majesty of the Pacific Northwest through the magical connection of music and visuals...A journey into a mystic realm!" …Sharron Rose (Sacred Mysteries Productions)

" Beautiful! What a tremendous body of work from videographer Brian Noblet and musicians David Michael and Randy Mead. Some great imagery and such sensitive music. They really captured the essence." ... Robert and Kathy Chrestensen (Crest Pictures)

"WOW!! ... Wonderful videography...wonderful music." …Sandy McNaughton, RN, (President SereneVision Productions, Inc.)

"Brian Noblet's videography is spectacular... I am particularly impressed with the bird photography which, I know from trying it myself, takes a lot of patience, skill and luck." ...Cameron Snow (Still Hope Productions)

"Beautiful. Inspiring. Relaxing." … Allan Hogle (Executive Producer, Born of Woman Films)


"As beautiful a piece of work we have seen! . Kudos to everyone!" …Norm Catalano (professional photographer)

Wow! My red-necked, beer-drinking, Harley-riding, tobacco-chewing Alaskan man sat MESMERIZED for the full 59 minutes. Your love of this area echoes mine and so many others.........well done David (and friends) and thank you! …Dr. Kim Borgatta

The Musicians:
David Michael - Celtic harp, hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltery, viola da gamba
Randy Mead - Piano, soprano and bass flutes, soprano sax, proteus
Joe Breskin - classical guitar and electric guitar

The Production Team:
Directed and Edited:  Brian Noblet
Score and composition:  David Michael and Randy Mead
Recorded and Engineered:   Neville Pearsall at Synergy Sound, Port Townsend
Artwork and Graphic design:   Noblet Productions.