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The Crocodile and the Chihuahua
by David Michael

From the Crocodile and the Chihuahua CD


The story behind the song

"And the two shall become one."
In the early '60s, Tom Lehrer outraged everyone (those he didn't delight) with his Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, an irreverent celebration of the murder of innocent animals. In comparison, The Crocodile and the Chihuahua is only mildly demented, and somewhat reflective of my observation of the disrespect paid to dogs in Mexico.

My last trip to Zihuatanejo was with my fiancÚ Dari. We were riding in a van the hotel sent to fetch us at the airport, and the driver intentionally swerved to run over a dead dog in the middle of the highway. His sidekick in the front seat turned around to face us and with an ear-to-ear grin and exclaimed, "Welcome to Mexico!"

The song relates a true tale. However, no animals were harmed in the creation of this music.

(P.S. The cocos mentioned in the song are coconuts, not chocolate drinks.)

The lyrics

The crocodile and the Chihuahua
What a lovely/funny/crazy/gruesome pair they made
Down here in Zihuatanejo
Sipping cocos in the shade

Now you can drink a Margarita
With your bare feet in the sand
Sitting by the side of a lagoon
Crocodiles close at hand


Now Leroy is a crocodile
He likes to cruise La Ropa Beach
Even swims the sea at night time
Many fishes in his reach


The lady from Mexico City
She thought the croc' was kind of cute
Her Chihuahua go yap yap yap yap yap
She take her camera and she shoot


The crocodile ate the Chihuahua
Even though he was well fed
The giant creature don't like yappy dogs
Especially ones that are ill bred

El cocodrilo y el Chihuahua
Que gracioso par hacian
Aqui en Zihuatanejo
Tomando cocos en la bahia

Now the lady loved her little dog
And the crocodile loved it too
All the people never seen such sport
Like a good day at the zoo


The Band

David Michael: Guitar, vocals, harp, viola-da-gamba (bass)
Joe Breskin: Lead guitar
David Ritt: Bass trumpet, trombone
Dari Michael: Vocals, sound effects
Ani Schroeter: Vocals (child's voice)
Benjy Wertheimer: Shakers
Voices: Alvero Ramirez, Dawn Mair, Marques Garcia, Ana Rose, John Kamau, Jeremy Schroeter, Josh Schroeter and Tasha (aka "Little Tamale")
Surf sounds: Jonathon Storm
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